18 May 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing millions worldwide into precarity and poverty. Persons already vulnerable are hit even harder—among them the migrants, especially those who are undocumented, and low-skilled migrant workers engaged in the informal sector. They are often excluded from government relief and stimulus packages, paid sick leave and unemployment benefits, to name a few.

This webinar discussed the importance of social protection and emerging practice on coverage and inclusion of migrants in Asia-Pacific’s social protection systems. The discussion outlined the role of regional cooperation networks in increasing access to social protection by migrants, measures adopted by specific countries, and implications involving migrants´ access to vaccines.

This webinar is the first one of a series on economic migration that the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is hosting under its role as the current senior chair of the Multilateral Development Banks (MDB) Platform on Economic Migration and Forced Displacement.

Presenter: Francesca Bastagli, Director, ODI


  • Nuno Cunha, International Labour Organisation, ILO
  • Pitchanuch Supavanich and Nicola Nixon, The Asia Foundation
  • Azusa Sato, Asian Development Bank/Center for Global Development
  • Eduardo Banzon, Asian Development Bank, ADB

Moderator:Maya Hammad, IPC-IG

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