19 September 2019 

GIZ, Global Alliances for Social Protection 

There is a widespread consensus regarding the importance of family follow-ups through home visits to promote proper care and nutritional practices in early childhood. Accordingly, civil society has devised innovative solutions and a novel approach to strategic collaboration to support families in their crucial role in fostering adequate environments for early child development. 

In this webinarMexico’s nonprofit organisation Un Kilo de Ayuda (A Kilo of Help) presented innovative solutions to reduce iron deficiency anaemia cases, as well as preventive strategies focused on high vulnerability groups. On the other hand, Brazil’s Centre for Nutritional Recovery and Education exposed innovative methods and tools to introduce complementary nutritious feeding in the first months of life.  


  • Angélica García, Un Kilo de Ayuda (Mexico) 
  • Gisela Solymos, Centre for Nutritional Recovery and Education (Brazil) 

Discussant: Rafael Pérez-Escamilla, Yale University 

Moderator: Cecilia Chávez, GIZ 

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