28 November 2019 

GIZ, Global Alliances for Social Protection, Chile – MDSF (Ministry of Social Development and Family) 

Since 2007, Chile has been implementing the Comprehensive Childhood Protection System, Chile Crece Contigo (Chile Grows with You). This system constitutes a ground-breaking political initiative to institutionalise the intersectoral approach as a critical mechanism to ensure the maximum deployment of capabilities through the adequate monitoring of children’s development progress. This webinar presented Chile Crece Contigo’s foundations, design, management model, main implementation characteristics and national results, as well as its current challenges. 

Panellist: Jeanet Leguas Vásquez, Chile Crece Contigo Subsystem National Manager at the Ministry of Social Development and Family, Chile 

Discussant: Patricia Nuñez, Early Childhood Development Official, UNICEF Chile 

Moderator: Cecilia Chavez, GIZ 

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