6 February 2020 


Humanitarian assistance is often provided in contexts of State fragility, where social protection systems are non-existent, or nascent. In these contexts, humanitarian actors can play a critical role in designing cash and voucher assistance as the basis for social transfers, and in shaping social protection policy. This webinar explored the successes and challenges of doing this in practice, based on the examples of Haiti, where this collaboration has existed since 2015, and Mali, since 2013. 


  • Clément Rouquette, Shock-Responsive Social Protection Advisor, WFP Haiti 
  • Laurore Antoine, Food Security & Resilience Advisor, CARE International 
  • Sigrid Kühlke, Thematic Expert Forced Displacement, Migration and Social Protection, Africa, DG ECHO 
  • Marion Saurel, EU Delegation, Mali 

Moderator: Isabelle Pelly, Independent Consultant 

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