BRAC Regional Dialogue: Applying Evidence to Achieve Long-term Development and Inclusive Growth Across Africa


8 February 2022 

African Development Bank Group, BIGD, BRAC, UNDP, WACSI 

Before COVID-19, many countries across Africa were making significant gains in human capital, improving health and education outcomes for girls and boys and empowering women and youth to reach their full potential. In 2021, the African Development Bank (AfDB) estimates that 39 million Africans were forced into extreme poverty, following about 30 million who were pushed into extreme poverty in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. Even before COVID-19, the Africa Gender Index shows women faced stark economic, institutional, and political inequality, with fewer women in decision-making positions, owning businesses, or owning productive assets such as land, leading to persistent gender wage gaps. These gaps have widened during the pandemic, with women losing their livelihoods at a higher rate than men while bearing a larger burden of unpaid care work. As a result, 47 million more women and girls are being pushed into extreme poverty. Without empowering women and communities, inclusive growth, sustainable development, and pandemic recovery will be limited across Africa. This Africa Dialogue brought together representatives from government, multilateral institutions, civil society, and academia to discuss ways to build more inclusive, resilient systems that promote women’s economic empowerment and long-lasting poverty reduction. 


  • Shameran Abed, Executive Director, BRAC International 
  • Mamta Murthi, Vice President for Human Development, World Bank 
  • Mansour Ndiaye, Global Head Inclusive Growth, United Nations Development Program 
  • Nana Asantewa Afadzinu, Executive Director, West African Civil Society Institute 
  • Cynthia Kamikazi, Chief of Policy and Partnerships, African Development Bank 
  • Dr. Munshi Sulaiman, Regional Research Lead in Africa, BRAC International and Research Advisor, BRAC Institute of Governance and Development  
  • Gregory Chen, Managing Director, Ultra Poor Graduation, BRAC International 

Moderator: Ruth Okowa, Director of Africa, BRAC International 

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