12 January 2023 

Development Pathways 

Machine learning – or the ability of computers to analyse data, learn from trends and solve problems – has been employed around the world across a vast array of sectors and to varying levels of complexity for years. 

But are we harnessing the power of machine learning in social protection? In this webinar, experts discussed how aspects of this branch of artificial intelligence have already been applied in the sector, and the possibilities for the future application of machine learning in social protection. 

Moreover, data sharing and security are critical and often controversial topics in this space, and the debate on how regulations can be enforced and maintained were also woven into our discussion. 



  • Richard Chirchir, Principal Digital Technology Specialist, Development Pathways 
  • Peter Thirikwa, Management Information Systems Specialist, Hunger Safety Net Programme 
  • Katelyn Cioffi, Research Scholar, Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at NYU School of Law 
  • Boniface Kibicho, Senior Digital Technology Specialist, Development Pathways 

Moderator: Laura Ulanowski, Senior strategic operations and communications manager, Development Pathways 

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