26 October 2021 

ADB, HelpAge International, UNPRPD, UNICEF, ILO, IPC-IG 

Given how closely old age and disability are intertwined, social protection systems need to be adaptive and responsive. This webinar sought to bring greater clarity to the discussion by setting out the key issues at stake for building social protection systems that address disability in old age. Access here the paper “Social protection and older persons with disabilities” referenced during the session. 


  • Diana Hiscock, Global Disability Advisor, HelpAge 
  • Charles Knox Vydmanov, Social Protection Consultant, UNPPRD 
  • Meredith Wyse, Senior Social Development Specialist, Asian Development Bank, ADB 
  • Rafael Osorio, Senior Research Coordinator IPC-IG and Ipea Researcher 

Moderator: Alexandre Cote, Disability and Social Protection Policy Specialist, UNICEF 

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