3 November 2022 

International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth, IPC-IG; World Food Programme, WFP 

In face of recurrent climate disasters, urban populations of countries in southern Africa are facing several challenges in preparing for, coping with and adapting to shocks. Adaptative social protection can have a central role in building resilience of urban poor populations who are dealing with the growing effects of climate change. 

Southern Africa cities have experienced rapid urban growth in recent decades with governments having generally lacked national urbanization strategies and financial resources to invest in more resilient urban spaces. In urban areas, growth of informal settlements, often in geographical areas that face climate risks, adds to the vulnerability of poor families who live there. In Mozambique and Madagascar, large populations currently live in coastal areas or in river flood-prone areas which are generally vulnerable to rising sea levels, coastal erosion and extreme climate events, like heavy rains and cyclones. Pemba, the capital city of the Cabo Delgado Province in Mozambique, not only has been facing dangerous cyclical climate events but also recently saw its population almost double as a result of internal displacement. In Antanarivo, capital of Madagascar, over half of the land are marshlands, areas that can be quite vulnerable to effects of cyclones, rain and floods. 

Recent developments in terms of adaptative social protection and urban preparedness were discussed in this Webinar by representatives from Mozambique and Madagascar. The webinar focused on the experiences of Pemba and Antanarivo and facilitated an interactive discussion between representatives of the two cities, aiming to promote a learning opportunity from the exchange. 


  • Abdulremane Chaca, Director of Resilience, Pemba Municipality 
  • Nuno Remane, Director, DiMSUR 
  • Ihaja L Rajaonarison, Director of Project Coordination, Commune Urbaine de Antanarivo 
  • Mandresy Rakotoarison, Director of International Cooperation/Communication, Commune Urbaine de Antanarivo 

Moderator: Arianna Francioni, Regional Urban Preparedness Project Coordinator, World Food Programme 

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