23 June 2020 


Studying the Colombian, Honduran and Peruvian experiences, this webinar discussed school feeding programmes’ adaptation strategies adopted by countries in Latin America and the Caribbean in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. On the one hand, our objective was to understand the operational changes induced by the specificities of the crisis  and its multiple impacts on education, health care and nutrition. On the other hand, we also sought to analyse the risk of student marginalisation. The panellists shared the lessons they learned while implementing their strategiesas well as the success stories and challenges they encountered. Process operationalisation, food quality and biosafety assuranceand mitigation of impacts on family farming were some of the challenges discussed. 


  • Juan Carlos Martínez  School Feeding Special Administrative Unit Director, Ministry of National EducationColombia 
  • Fredy Hinojosa – Qali Warma School Feeding National Programme Executive Director, Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion, Peru 
  • Lissi Matute Cano – Vice Minister of Social Inclusion, Development and Social Inclusion Secretariat, Honduras 

Moderator: Alessio Orgera – Policies and Programmes Regional Officer, WFP 

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